Dual Vario / GPS bracket


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Price in US$28

Don't want a flight desk for safely reason or more legs room? our Dual vario/GPS bracket is your best choice.

Estimated worldwide shipping by airmail: us$ 5.7

-Bracket can be attached to / remove from your harness easily in just a second.

-Velcro plate holds your instruments firmly and securely in place.

-A attachment point for vario/GPS

-Held in place with stretch Velcro straps

-Bracket arm and velcro plate can be positioned at any angle for best in-flight viewing of your instruments.

-Instruments can be removed easily after flight and keep the bracket arm attached to your harness for next flight.

Mount Options:

Size B : Fits for flytec 6020,6030,6040 / Brauniger IQ Compeo+,IQ Competino+ /

Compass : C-Pilot Pro

Skytraxx : Fits for Skytraxx, Skytraxx 2

Flymaster : Fits for B1 / LIVE / GPS / NAV / VARIO

Complete set includes:

Bracket arm with attachment point
Vario/GPS velcro plate
2 x mounts



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