Cocoon XLITE #5 paragliding concertina bag


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::New Version: YKK zipper #5::

185g ONLY

May be the world's lightest Concertina bag

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Parasupply has entered into partnership with One Polar, the premier mountaineering goods manufacturer. One Polar has many years of experience in making high quality equipment for exacting outdoor enthusiasts. Together we bring you well-designed, rugged and reliable cocoon bags, stuff bags and other specialist paragliding products.
Look for the "Made for Parasupply by One Polar" logo when you make your purchases.

DON'T FORGET we also have TUBE as your choice..

Fully open zipper design, you can pack your glider whilst the risers still attaching to your harness. Ripstop fabric, long lasting and tailor make zipper and risers pouch on Tube bag.

COCOON Xlite concertina bag product description :

-Light weight ripstop fabric

- Water repellence

- UV protection

- Fully open zipper design, you can pack your glider whilst the risers still attaching to your harness

- 3 quick-release buckle holding straps (One for the leading edge, two in the middle and bottom )

-YKK buckles

YKK zip #5

-Two-tone color pattern

- Risers stowage pouch at the bottom

- Comes with mini stuff sack

Additional order: AirTUBE :

Design for space concern and high performance glider with long rods.

Two size Available :

L : 2.95cm

MS : 2.65cm

4 Color Options :

1)Lime Green/Grey

2) Dark Red / Grey

3) Sky Blue/Grey

4) Light Grey / Grey

Packing Instruction :

1)Concertina folding is recommended

2)Fold and hold all cells in sequence

3,4 and 5)zip the bag from trailing edge upward whilst the risers still attaching to your harness (optional) or stow them into the pouch.

6)Turn the COCOON Xitle bag to aside

7)" Z" fold


Weight : 185g +/- 5g for size MS

Weight : 200g +/- 5g for size L

Please notice that the AirTube is designed for temporary use as air inside the tube cannot be 100% sealed, 10-20% air leakage after few days is considered normal, cushion form still recommended to use for long period not to paraglide or keep checking the condition of the AirTube and reinflate if necessary.


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